This is a java 1.1 implementation of the famous Game of Life in three dimensions. The (current) rules are: Every cell survives if it has 3, 4 or 5 neighbours. A new cell will be born if there are exactly 5 neighbours. As it can be real fun playing with this applet and finding out the meaning of all those buttons and sliders, we did not include any documentation.

It is recommended to use AppletViewer 1.1.7 or later. The java applet was tested with AppletViewer (best results, but slow), Internet Explorer 4.0 (should run now after two work-arounds, at least it's fast) and Netscape Navigator 4.07 (still some thread problems, not recommended).

It was done by Thomas Feldbauer and Markus Doetsch for our Object-Oriented Programming course. To contact us write to markus.doetsch@gmx.net or Thomas.Feldbauer@gmx.net. Any comments welcome.

Here is the source code.